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Our delivery service is core to our position as the leading sander hire company ,Remember what you get from us is a complete package that includes delivery and collection totally free within the M25, oh and did we mention we bring the equipment right into your house and give you a practical demo of how the machines work This is so helpful for first time sanders.

We will show you how to load the sand paper
(with our state of the art machines this takes less than 10 seconds!)

And then we do a run through of the features of the machine and instruction on how the machines work.

A instruction booklet is also included.

Transport Costs
LOCATION                              COST
INSIDE M25                             FREE                      



1. Full London and south east England delivery and collection service, you can depend on it every time.

2. Professional answering service when you contact us, to help you choose the right sander package and finishes for your floor.

3. Fleet of state of the art floor sanders - we keep more than 500 sanders - in top condition.

4. Practical demo in your home / job site to help you get the results you expect.

5. No funny charges, surprises, or hidden costs, we tell you upfront the cost of everything.

6. Because of our size we are the only company that can supply the full range of Varnishes, Oils, Stains, Gap fillers, Wedges, etc. - all at trade prices.

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